Haynes Satin White, Cone 10, reduction; Val’s Satin Black, Cone 10, reduction

Haynes Satin White 

Cone 10, reduction
Glaze Material:
Dolomite 10%
Talc 7%
Whiting 8%
Nepheline Syenite 45%
Silica 30%
Total: 100%
Ultrox 10%

Yields opaque satin surface with soda, but can show clay body on texture.

From Fred Herbst,
Ceramics Monthly, October 2000

This post is excerpted from 10 Tried and True Cone 10 Glaze Recipes: Recipe

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Haynes Satin White 

Cone 10, reduction
Glaze Material
Whiting 23.91%
Custer Feldspar 49.73%
Edgar Plastic Kaolin (EPK) 13.18%
Silica (Flint) 13.18%
Total: 100.00%
Titanium Dioxide 11.29%
Silicon Carbide 3.4%
A very rough glaze; not intended for food surfaces. Fine silicon carbide seems to work best. For a gray to black

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