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Low Fire (Cone 022 - 01)

Many people work in the low fire temperature range, some for the varied surface qualities and vibrant glaze and slip/underglaze colors that can be achieved, others to take advantage of the beauty that red earthenware clays offer, and still others for practicality of reduced wear and tear on their kilns or to save electricity. The variety of glazes available at lower temperature ranges has increased dramatically over the years. The range itself has widened too, encompassing more than cone 08-04 glazes, with some firing to cone 02 or 01, and even higher.


If you’re interested in building a collection of low-fire ceramic glaze recipes, adding on to the glazes you already have, or looking for a glaze for a specific project (like a lichen, rust, bronze, peeling paint, or lava glaze, for example) you’ve come to the right place. In this section, you’ll find a whole lot of information on making and using low fire glazes, from textured to matt, and from majolica to glossy transparent glazes.