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General Account Information

How do I log in to the website?

If you have already registered on our website, simply click “Login” at the top of your browser page.

Enter your registered email and password, then click the orange "Log In" button.

Once you log in successfully, you will see your account name at the top of the page.

How do I create a new account?

If you have never created an account on our website, simply click “Login” at the top of your browser page to create a new account.

You will then be taken to our Login page. Click the “Create a new account” link.

You will then be asked to provide some basic information to establish your account with us.

This is also where you will provide your account email address and where you will create your login password. Then click the “Create Account” button.

Please note that by creating an account, you will be able to receive our free newsletters. However, creating a website account does not create a “subscription”. Once you have an account, you can purchase a magazine or other subscriptions here. Or, you can sign up for an ICAN membership here.

How do I download a freebie?

Logged-out users: Click the orange "Log in or sign up" button and log in using the "How do I log in to the website?" instructions above. Once successfully logged in, continue reading below.

Logged in users: Once you successfully log in to the website, you can download any and all freebies from the Freebies section of Ceramic Arts Network. To do so, scroll down the free guide page until you see the orange "Download" button below the cover. Click the button and your freebie will download to your device.

I cannot view online content I'm subscribed to.

If you cannot see the premium content online to which you subscribed (such as the recent issue of Ceramics Monthly), then you may not be logged in properly. Please see the explanation above about successfully logging into our website. Anyone with an active subscription that includes online content (ICAN Gold/Silver, All-Access, or Web-only) will be able to see our online content once they successfully log in.

Please ensure that your subscription is current, that it includes access to online content, and that it has not expired.

Subscriptions and Memberships

How do I manage my account information, subscription, or membership?

After you have logged in successfully (see above), you can click "View Account" at the top of your browser page. This will take you to your “My Account” page. Once there, you can manage and update your subscriptions (or membership). See the left-side menu in the image below.

Print Subscriptions: When should I expect my printed magazine to arrive?
2023–2024 Issues

Note: When viewing this schedule on a mobile device, change the view to landscape mode to read it easier.


10 issues: Published monthly except for the June/July/August summer issue

Subscribe Before This Date:Your First Issue Will Be: This Issue Mails to Subscribers: **
October 26, 2022December 2022November 15, 2022
November 22, 2022January 2023December 6, 2022
December 21, 2022February 2023January 17, 2023
February 1, 2023March 2023February 14, 2023
March 1, 2023April 2023March 14, 2023
March 29, 2023May 2023April 11, 2023
May 10, 2023June/July/August 2023May 23, 2023
August 2, 2023September 2023August 15, 2023
August 30, 2023October 2023September 12, 2023
September 27, 2023November 2023October 17, 2023
November 1, 2023December 2023November 14, 2023
November 22, 2023January 2024December 5, 2023
January 3, 2024February 2024January 16, 2024


**Mailing dates are approximate based on postal services. International delivery can take 2–3 weeks from publication date depending on your location and your local delivery services.

6 issues: Published every other month

Subscribe Before This Date:Your First Issue Will Be: This Issue Mails to Subscribers: **
September 21, 2022November/December 2022October 18, 2022
December 7, 2022January/February 2023December 20, 2022
February 8, 2023March/April 2023February 21, 2023
April 5, 2023May/June 2023April 18, 2023
May 31, 2023July/August 2023June 13, 2023
August 9, 2023September/October 2023August 22, 2023
October 4, 2023November/December 2023October 24, 2023
November 29, 2023January/February 2024December 12, 2023


**Mailing dates are approximate based on postal services. International delivery can take 2–3 weeks from publication date depending on your location and your local delivery services.

Note: It is critical that you review and validate with us the mailing address we have for you in our system. This ensures more efficient delivery of your magazine. If you’ve signed up for a subscription via a third-party subscription service, we have no control how that service may have provided us with your mailing address. As such, assuming the address we were provided is correct or not, we cannot be responsible for any issue that is not delivered successfully.

How do I subscribe by mail or fax?

If you would like to subscribe to our magazines but want to mail us a check, please click here.

Understanding my recurring charges.

As a subscriber (or ICAN member), you have the option to sign up for an Annual or Monthly subscription term. When you sign up, you provide us with your credit card. That credit card information is stored securely—none of our staff ever have access to your full credit card information. We contract a third-party, data-compliant service company to securely manage our credit card transactions.

If you have selected a Monthly subscription (or membership), your credit card will be charged every month after the date you signed up. If you signed up for an Annual subscription (or membership), your credit card will be charged one year after the day you originally signed.

For new subscribers (or ICAN members), we offer a 10-day trial period. This allows new customers to try out our services and content. On day 11, the trial expires and customer’s credit card is charged.

How do I cancel my subscription or membership?

Log into our website. Once you are logged in, click "View Account" at the top of the browser page. Clicking this will take you to your My Account page. Once you are on the My Account page, click My Subscriptions in the left-side menu. You will now see your current subscription (or membership). Click the “Cancel” button.

Tablet Subscriptions: How to access my Ceramics Monthly or Pottery Making Illustrated subscription on my tablet.

Subscribers with access to our tablet apps (ICAN Gold/Silver, All-Access, Tablet-only) can download our apps for Ceramics Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated in iTunes (for iOS/Apple iPads), and in GooglePlay (for Android tablets). There are two apps, one for each magazine. Just search for the magazine names.

Tablet subscribers will be automatically logged in. However, we are working on a system upgrade. Soon we will email subscribers asking that you log in again to the tablet apps using the same registered email and password you use for our website.

Past issues are already available in the tablet library. As new issues are published, those issues will be auto-populated in the issue library.

CLAYflicks Troublshooting

How do I watch videos on CLAYflicks?

Watch this quick guide to viewing CLAYflicks videos:

How do I search for videos on CLAYflicks?

Watch this quick guide to searching for videos on CLAYflicks:

Troubleshooting video playback issues.

Click here to see more troubleshooting solutions for CLAYflicks videos.


How do I access my Shop downloads?

When you purchase a downloadable copy of a video, a book, or a magazine PDF, you can access the download from your My Account page. Your download(s) will be available to you for the life of your relationship with us, and you can download your files as many times as you wish. Note: This feature is only available for purchases made on or after September 29, 2021.

Zoom Webinar Questions

Zoom Webinar Questions

Click here to read the Zoom Webinar Question FAQ page.


Ceramic Recipes Troubleshooting

How do I use Ceramic Recipes?

Watch this quick guide to using Ceramic Recipes::

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