Promote your artwork and reach a global audience with an ICAN exclusive online Artist Portfolio! The International Ceramic Artists Network (ICAN) provides active members (those with a paid membership) with an exclusive, online Artist Portfolio to promote their work to an international audience. Each member portfolio includes up to nine (9) photos of ceramic work, studio information, and a brief Q&A to describe you and your work. 

There are 3 quick and easy steps to request (or update) an Artist Portfolio:
1. Fill out the online Q&A form.*
2. Upload images of your ceramic artwork (at the bottom of the form). You must upload at least one (1) image, but ideally include up to nine (9).
3. Click Submit, and we’ll do the rest.
*If you are updating images only, you may skip the Q&A fields previously completed, but please type your Name, Email, and Member ID# at the top of the form for identification purposes.

Once your online portfolio is built, you can link it on your social media accounts, include it in emails to your mailing list, even add it to your business card!  Each member is allowed three (3) updates a year! 

Please send any inquiries about your existing portfolio to