DAILY BLOG Ceramic Arts Daily is a blog and email newsletter serving active ceramic artists worldwide, as well as those who are interested in finding out more about this craft. CAD provides a wide array of tools for learning about and improving skills in the ceramic arts, and a place for artists to share ideas and perspectives about how their art and life interact to shape each other. ICAN MEMBERSHIP Since 2001, the International Ceramic Artists Network (ICAN), formerly Potters Council, has nurtured an international community of thousands of sculptors and potters. ICAN provides a platform for ceramic artists to promote their work, offer advice, and share their ideas, insights, and techniques. ICAN strives to give ceramic artists the tools to advance their own careers and expand the reach of the field. POTTERY MAKING ILLUSTRATED Pottery Making Illustrated provides intermediate to advanced potters with practical tips and techniques for the studio in a fully illustrated, step-by-step format. With articles on throwing, handbuilding, decorating, glazing, and firing functional forms, PMI covers every aspect of the studio ceramic process. In addition, PMI provides up-to-date information on tools, supplies, and materials for the ceramic studio. CERAMICS MONTHLY Ceramics Monthly focuses on clay and contemporary culture from the maker’s perspective. Each issue shares individual artists’ perspectives and experiences while exploring aesthetics and techniques. You’ll also find recipes, studio tips, and scientific explanations to help you advance your understanding and success rate with the materials and processes you use every day in the studio. CLAYflicks STREAMING CLAYflicks is the place to see the masters in our field demonstrate their techniques! Sign up and you’ll enjoy binge watching our entire video collection anytime you wish. And this binge watching doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure because each of our educational videos are packed full of information that will help you become a better ceramic artist! SHOP The Ceramic Arts Shop is the place online to find educational and inspirational ceramic art books, DVDs, and more! You’ll find titles on just about any ceramic topic you can imagine and with a free subscription to the Ceramic Arts Daily newsletter, you’ll be the first to know about special deals and promotions!
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