Making Ceramic Molds

Ceramic mold making opens up endless potential for creative expression. Not only does ceramic mold making enable you to repeat a form over and over again, it also makes individual forms lose their preciousness, which frees you up to experiment more! Making your own custom ceramic molds will help you break out of your comfort zone in the studio and grow as an artist.

Here, you’ll learn how to make ceramic molds, as well as how to use them. Browse through our archive of articles to find a variety of techniques from making plaster molds for slip casting and press molding, to making bisque clay hump or slump molds to creating molds for casting clay sculpture. Looking for a ceramic slip recipe for slip casting, you’ll find recipes to try here!

Ceramic mold making is not as difficult as you might imagine. Once you have learned how to mix plaster and pour a plaster mold, you’ll see it’s really not too bad. And there are a whole slew of other ways to make molds for pottery. Browse through our posts and you’ll find everything from using an old plastic soda bottle as a mold for a cup, to making bisque slump molds using any old bucket you might find around your studio!