Riggs Terra Sigillata Recipe for Raku

Riggs Terra Sigillata
Glaze Material
Water 3.5 Gal
Sodium Silicate 1 tbsp
Soda Ash 1 tbsp
XX Saggar Clay 115 lbs
Mix ingredients and allow to sit and separate into sections. Gently siphon out only the middle section for use.

This recipe is included in 10 Tried and True Raku Glaze Recipes: Recipe Cards for our Favorite Raku Pottery Ceramic Glazes, which is free to Ceramic Arts Daily subscribers.

  • Pamela T.

    I’m interested in this terra sig for raku… how do you use it? Do you just apply it like regular terra sig, on bone dry greenware, bisque and then raku? ??????? Or is it put on bisque ware?

  • Harry K.

    What is “XX”? What “saggar clay” do you use?

  • Should be 15 lbs. clay.
    Very good recipe, if you don’t use 115 lbs. clay.

  • Mona T.

    This recipe is definitely flawed! 115 pounds of clay mixed into 3.5 gal. of water does not read correctly. Please review this for typos. MT

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