Matt Glaze Recipe, Cone 06-04 oxidation

Matt Glaze Cone 06-04
Glaze Material
Gerstley Borate 38%
Lithium Carbonate 10
Nepheline Syenite 5
Grolleg Kaolin 5
Total 100%
Add 15% glaze stain for bright pinks and reds; for other bright colors, add 10% glaze stain. Greens require low chrome stains, or bubbling may occur. To get opaque pastels, add 0.5%–2% glaze stain and 8–9.5% Zircopax to total 10%.

  • Stephen D.

    What is the temperature range for this glaze?.I am after a good stable matt glaze for handpainting onto to fire around 1120C

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