Red/Bronze Raku Glaze Recipe

Red/Bronze Raku Glaze
Raku, cone 05
Glaze Material
Colemanite 50%
Ferro Frit 3134 50
Add: Tin Oxide 5.1%
Copper Carbonate 5.6%
  • I need body clay raku. please

  • Mofeda,

    I know this is late and you probably already have a Raku clay, but I’ve been using Laguna Clay’s WSO. It’s a cone 10 body, but it fires very well for Raku. I’ve been using it for over 20 years, making pieces at heavey as 85 pounds and Raku firings them.

    Good luck!

  • This is my diptych from a CM article from 1998. The red Brinze recipe is the liner glazes around the horses. The background glazes in this picture is Dry Alligator sprayed on, fired to ^06 and reduced face down in straw.
    Marcia Selsor

  • I use a clay called Rod’s Bod, which is a cone 10 clay, but performs really well in Raku. I think it comes from Clay Art in Tacoma Wa.

    Bill Wilcox

  • most clay bodies with a fair amount of grog will work. it has to be able to withstand the thermal expansion. Best way to see if a clay will work is to try it out in a firing.

  • This too may be too late, but…Soldate 60 from Laguna clay is an excellent choice. It contains 60 mesh sand and handles thermal shock very well.

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