Artist Portfolio

Where International Ceramic Artists Network (ICAN) members showcase and promote their best work

Share images and promote your best work on your own “portfolio” page on the Ceramic Arts Network website. Your portfolio can feature up to 9 full-color photos of your most representative pieces. Use the portfolio to introduce other artists to your creations, and to invite potential customers to link to your website or to contact you directly.

Your portfolio is easy to set up and takes only a few minutes. Besides showcasing the images of your work, each portfolio page features a dedicated web link (that you can use in your marketing), a section for contact information, and a place to provide a brief description of yourself. To request an artist portfolio listing, click here.

Why you should have a Member Artist Portfolio?

"I had my work posted on several websites over the last few years with little or no responses at the ones I did get were not serious. You posted my portfolio listing last week and I have already received an email and a follow-up order. I was pleasantly shocked by this quick response. Thought you should know your good work is in fact showing!" -Sandy Early, Potter Council member.