Holly Goring

Holly began her career in ceramics from the outside looking in. With her face pressed against the glass, staring in at the potters, she worked for the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum developing the U of Minnesota’s Public Art minor program and earning an art history degree from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Tiring of a sore neck and the heavy weight of jealousy, she stopped resisting the messy art kids and whole-heartedly joined them. A BFA in ceramics followed shortly after. Years later while studying ceramics in The Ohio State University’s grad program, she took an internship at Ceramics Monthly and has been on staff ever since. Holly currently works as editor for Pottery Making Illustrated and associate editor for Ceramics Monthly and now spends a lot of time inside the office looking out. HOLLYfinishedworkLike everyone else on staff, Holly has burrowed out a small space for a studio in her basement — that sweet spot between the furnace and the washing machine that is all her own. Lacking the will (and the space) to continue making large, heavy installations, she is working on a new body of functional pieces. Now her compulsive gathering, stacking, storing, saving, containing, tending, grouping, comparting, and sorting nature is finally content in building empty pots for others to fill.

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