Eggshell Glaze Recipe, Cone 6, oxidation

Eggshell Glaze Cone 6, oxidation
Glaze Material
Whiting 9.5%
Zinc Oxide 5.5%
Ferro Frit 3124 44.5%
Custer Feldspar 20.0%
Bentonite 7.5%
Edgar Plastic Kaolin (EPK) 5.0%
Silica (Flint) 8.0%
Total: 100.0%
Tin Oxide 9.0%
Red Iron Oxide 3.0%
  • Great glaze..when dipped white but when sprayed orange..I dip part of the pot then spray lower half making it orange..very interesting it.

  • By slop brushing some concoction on both green and bisque ware,for eventual reduction stoneware firing in a gas kiln, from a jar marked “SLIP” I got interesting runs and fluctuations in the covering glazes. Is there such a magical mixture to make similar good things happen with cone 5-6 electric oxidation firings. If so may I have the formula?

  • I am looking for a nice ^6 salmon gloss glaze opauqe if anyone knows one?

  • Melody S.

    I am reading the info. on spraying this glaze. I am not sure if you spray one coat to get the eggshell color and a thin second coat to get the orange. Thank you! Melody

  • Steven S.

    If you want the color variation on this glaze it needs to be sprayed. Depending on the color of your clay (white, buff, etc) you’ll get a nice orange if it is sprayed thin. When I say thin, I mean really thin! Much thinner than you would spray a glaze normally. You can get some orange with dipping, but again it needs to be a thinner glaze mix than normal.

  • I also would like to know how to get the colour varigation on the eggshell glaze. Looks beautiful.

  • This recipe is for Patricia.
    DOLOMITE 23.30
    SPOD 23.30
    FFRIT 3134 6.8
    OM4 23.30
    SILICA 23.30
    RIO 1.07%
    YEL OCHRE 3.24%
    TINOXIDE 4.85%
    BENTONITE 1.94

  • This glaze has the same colorants (lots of tin and a little iron oxide) as glazes with names like “White Breaking Orange” and “Cream Breaking Rust”, so I’m fairly sure that this glaze changes color depending on thickness.

    I haven’t tried it yet, but I’d be interested in seeing it on a pot with texture.

  • Wondering the same – What is the variation from top to bottom?

  • If someone out there knows the answer to the two color question, please advise. Would really like to use it…great colors

  • Patricia T.

    I am looking for a light matt like this, Is it spayed on. I am also looking for a glaze called nutmeg,used mostly for simulating soda firing at Oxidation cone 5 and 6.

  • Tonya H.

    Is the picture the result of two glazes? I am only getting the lighter color and not the orange.

  • Marsha D.

    I too would like to hear the answer to the above 2 questions. It is a beautiful glaze that I would like to try also.

  • Marian P.

    Is the difference in color due to the addition of Red Iron Oxide in the base glaze recipe? I’m thinking that this variation was sprayed on top of the basic eggshell glaze.

    If that is right, does the eggshell recipe include the Tin Oxide?…. and the does RIO version have tin oxide as well?

    I really like these colors and would like to use them in a project of mine.

    Thank you in advance for your response.

  • Lisa V.

    i see two colors, off white and brown. are these two different glazes or is it just the eggshell whose color is effected by the number of coats of glaze

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