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Decorating ceramics is one of the most rewarding aspects of working in clay. It’s the time when you can add color and life to a bare clay surface that can show off your creative talents. There are scores of decorating techniques available and here are five successful techniques that are sure to add that extra flair to your work that will make it a masterpiece. Five Great Pottery Decorating Techniques: A How-to Guide for Decorating Ceramic Surfaces explains the ins and outs of these ever-popular ceramic decorating techniques!

Slip Transfers

by Jason Bige Burnett

Jason Burnett was influenced by the pots he saw in the cartoons of the fifties and sixties. His forms look a little cartoonish and his decorating technique consists of slip transfer, sgraffito, sponging and brushing.

Urchin Texture

by Annie Chrietzberg

Marcos Lewis used to live in the Pacific Northwest where he worked as a commercial fisherman. Although he moved inland long ago, he remembers the texture of sea urchins and has captured the texture in his pots. Here he describes the tools and techniques he uses to re-create one of Mother Nature’s most distinctive textures.

Color Underglaze Designs on a Small Canvas

by Alex and Lisa LaPella

Alex and Lisa LaPella view the small canvas as an integral part of their studio practice. Using the small trays, the LaPellas experiment and refine their decorating techniques until they’re just right. Here they describe a variety of decorating techniques for transferring imagery with graphite pencils to painting with foam pouncing brushes to achieve a wide range of marks on a small canvas.

Creating Interesting Patterns with Underglazes, Sgraffito Techniques, and a Rolling Pin

by Tracy Gamble

Tracy Gamble explains how she blended two artists’ techniques to take her own work in a new direction.

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