Wood Kiln Firing

For many potters, wood is more than just a source of heat for a kiln, it is a process, even a way of life. And if you are one of those potters, you probably can’t get enough of the wood kiln firing process. So in this section, we’ll try to help satisfy your insatiable appetite for wood kiln firing by providing technical articles to get you inspired for your next wood firing. You’ll find wood fire glaze recipes, wood kiln firing schedules, wood kiln plans, and more.

Since humans first began to understand how fire hardened clay, we have been making ceramics, both in pits and in wood kilns. Now, with so many fuel options available to the potter, wood-fired kilns are more of a choice than a necessity. While wood kiln firing isn’t easy, the results are incomparable. The work in wood kilns reveals the story of the firing, with pieces showing ash deposits and the path of the flame through the kiln.

But not all wood kilns are built alike. Some are made for flashing from the flame, some are made for melted rivulets of ash and others still are designed to bury the ware in ash and make it crusty and craggy. No matter what your aesthetic, we have something to inform and inspire you here! From using wadding to create decorative effects, to layering glazes and using tape resist, you’ll discover innovative and inspiring ways to approach wood firing, and the information you need to succeed!