Ceramic Artists

It is an exciting time to be a ceramic artist! The ceramics field is thriving as access to information and inspiration becomes more available. You’ve come to the right place to see how contemporary ceramic artists are taking the lessons from old traditions and shaping their work for the future.

In these articles, selected by the editors of Ceramics MonthlyPottery Making Illustrated, and Ceramic Arts Daily, you’ll meet some of the most talented and famous ceramic artists working today. You’ll find out about their inspirations, methods, as well as the challenges affecting contemporary clay artists and potters and see examples of some of the best ceramic art being made today. You’ll also pick up valuable advice on how to run your pottery business from working clay artists who have made it work.

Get to know famous ceramic artists like Erin Furimsky with a glimpse inside her ceramic art studio. Learn how Molly Hatch launched a successful design career with a major upscale retailer. Get insights into finding the ideal ceramic arts job or tips on how to start a pottery business from ceramic artists who have figured it out. In these archives, you’ll learn from both ceramic sculpture artists and contemporary pottery artists, so no matter where your interests lie, we’ve got you covered! Ever wish you had guidance on how to price your pottery? Are you charging enough? How do you even figure out your hourly earnings? Clay artist Mea Rhee figured out how to price pottery through her hourly earnings research and shares tips that are invaluable to any ceramic artist trying to figure out. Want advice on packing ceramics for shipping, we’ve got you covered! Ceramic artist and gallery owner Charlie Cummings knows what works and what doesn’t, and gives the best advice for packing pottery to safely ship wherever you need it to go.