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Published Feb 4, 2021

This workshop has concluded.

CLAYflicks subscribers can view the recording here!


In this 2-hour workshop, Liz Pechacek will demonstrate handbuilding using coils and pinching, plus surface design using wax resist, engobes, and glaze. Liz will share recipes and tips and tricks to get the best results! These techniques are highly adaptable to any clay or firing process, and Liz will help you fine-tune the processes to work for you!

You'll learn how to:

  • Design and build a mug using the coil and pinch method
  • Map out the surface with graphite and wax
  • Explore wax resist techniques with stain and engobes on bone dry clay
  • Explore glaze techniques on bisqueware

Our Workshop from Home webinars are just like in-person workshops, except you are guaranteed a front-row seat! Ask questions throughout, or during the Question & Answer session at the end.