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“These conversational workshops mixed with handling and demonstration were magical to watch and truly inspirational. It’s wonderful that they have been recorded for us to watch via CLAYflicks. Thank you so much.”


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“Merci beaucoup pour tout ce partage de techniques et de conseil!!! [Thank you very much for all this sharing of techniques and advice!!!]”


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If you’re looking to improve your pottery skills, but can’t get to a pottery class or a workshop, you will love our online pottery classes. While formal pottery classes and workshops are an invaluable part of a well-rounded ceramic art education, they can be expensive or the timing might not work out. The best thing about our online pottery videos is that you can watch them anytime, anywhere.

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And CLAYflicks is not just about the "how-to." We also cover the "why to." Our clay videos include conversations and profiles of some of the best ceramic artists in the field, the CLAYflicks-exclusive travel series, Sights & Ceramics, and more!

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“Wow. [The Stroke and The Splash] is such an informative and helpful video. As usual, professional and well thought out demonstrations by Mr. Scott. This video alone is worth the price of my CLAYflicks membership.”