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Dear Ceramic Artist,

If you have ever tried to find pottery video instruction online, you know that it can be rather overwhelming. There are tons of ceramics videos online, but often the instruction is incomplete or the quality is not the best. Sifting through the hundreds of videos on Youtube and other video sites to find quality pottery instruction can be time consuming and frustrating. But what if you could find a growing collection of the best clay art videos in one place?

You can with CLAYflicks! CLAYflicks provides access to the entire catalog of the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents pottery video series—professionally produced instructional pottery videos with some of the top ceramic artists working in the field! Plus, this collection will continue to grow with new pottery video titles being added on a regular basis.

Brought to you by the folks behind Ceramics Monthly, Pottery Making Illustrated, and Ceramic Arts Daily and the only clay art video streaming service of its kind, CLAYflicks emerged out of the need in the community for such a service. With DVD players becoming less and less common as technology evolves, our audience told us time and again that it would be wonderful to be able to stream the videos we produce. So, in an effort to reach the broadest audience we could worldwide, we developed CLAYflicks.

With CLAYflicks, you can

  • Binge watch high-quality instructional clay art videos by the movers and shakers in the ceramics field
  • Search by topic to find exactly what you’re looking for—from pottery throwing videos to ceramic sculpture videos
  • Learn the techniques of your favorite ceramic artists from start to finish
  • Or watch only the specific chapters you are interested in
  • Watch how a wide variety of artists approach specific techniques by browsing by category

With several subscription levels, there’s something that works for everyone. Sign up for CLAYflicks a la carte, or bundle it with subscriptions to Ceramics Monthly or Pottery Making Illustrated to get more bang for your buck!

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A snapshot of contemporary ceramics!

For more than six years, the folks who bring you Ceramic Arts Daily have been building an impressive collection on pottery demonstration videos: The Ceramic Arts Daily Presents video series. These videos not only cover the gamut of ceramics techniques, they also provide a snapshot of the ceramics field in the 21st century. There is something for everyone. And every single one of these quality clay art videos is available for streaming on CLAYflicks anytime, anywhere!

Thorough ceramics instruction—never miss a detail!

Since we are potters and ceramic artists ourselves, we’ve always tried to deliver what we would want to see in a pottery demonstration video in the videos we make. So our videos are incredibly thorough. Well known ceramic artists present a variety of the pieces in their repertoire, from start to finish in a very detailed presentation. You’ll see every stage of the process, from opening up a cylinder, to trimming a foot ring, to pulling and attaching a handle. We also strive to get the best camera angles so you can see the action up close! And if you don’t quite get it the first time through, just rewind and watch it again as many times as you would like.

Clay art videos for beginners and beyond!

From Jennifer Allen’s Fundamentals of Wheel Throwing and Intermediate Wheel Throwing videos, to the challenging surface techniques of Forrest Lesch Middelton, you’ll find plenty to get beginning ceramics students off to a great start, plus plenty to keep more advanced students challenged. If you are just getting started on the wheel and struggle with centering clay, you’ll be able to compare dozens of videos of multiple artists sharing their approach to centering clay. Maybe you’ll find a trick that works for you? If your skill set is more advanced and you are looking to spruce up your surfaces, you’ll find a wide variety of image transfer demonstrations on CLAYflicks that might open up a new door for you.

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Here are more examples of the varied videos in our collection:

  • Wheel throwing videos of just about every shape and size of pot you can imagine—from teapots to tumblers, pitchers to platters, and everything in between
  • Handbuilding pottery videos covering pinching, slab-building, coiling, hump molds, slump molds, press molds and more
  • Clay art videos on sculpting human and animal forms, and even mixed media sculpture
  • Glazing videos, including an introductory course on the fundamentals of glaze chemistry
  • Mold making and slip-casting videos showing multiple approaches to each form
  • A boatload of videos on surface techniques—from majolica decoration, to terra sigillata, to slip trailing, to screen printing, to luster glazing and so very much more
  • A complete video guide to the clay extruder
  • Basic raku, horsehair and feather raku, saggar firing, and obvara firing videos
  • A complete video guide to architectural ceramics

Online clay art videos: the next best thing to a workshop!

If you’re looking to improve your pottery skills, but can’t get to a class or a workshop, online ceramics videos are the next best thing. While formal classes and workshops are an invaluable part of a well-rounded ceramic art education, they can be expensive or the timing might not work out. The best thing about our online pottery videos is that you can watch them anytime, not just on the particular night of the week when you have class, or the weekend of the workshop. You can also come back to them any time and don’t have to worry about taking notes! So, if you are in the studio late in the night struggling with a technique, you can hop on CLAYflicks, search the topic and find exactly what you need to help you get over the obstacle.

CLAYflicks is the best place to see the masters in our field demonstrate their techniques! Sign up and you’ll enjoy binge watching our entire video collection anytime you wish. And this binge watching doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure because each of our educational clay art videos is packed full of information that will help you become a better ceramic artist!