Linda Bloomfield

Linda Bloomfield studied engineering at Warwick University, with a year at MIT during her PhD studies. She spent a year in Tsukuba, Japan, working for NEC (Nippon Electric Company) and returned to London to work as a researcher at Imperial College. She started her pottery career while living in California, and became familiar with US potters’ materials. She now lives in London, where she makes porcelain tableware and writes pottery books.

Techno File: Clay Structure

Techno File: Glaze Lab

Techno File: Geology for Potters

Phase and Eutectics

Techno File: Glaze Fit and Fault

Techno File: The Chemistry of Color

Technofile: Chemistry for Potters

In the Studio: Developing Color: Yellow Glazes

In the Studio: Yellow Glazes

Rare-Earth Oxide Glazes