How to Make Platters Using a Mold Made of Insulation Foam

Make Ceramic Platters of Any Shape and Size With an Easy to Make Mold

fielding-platter-695Learning how to make a platter is an important skill for a potter. Platters are also a ton of fun because of the huge flat surface area that you can decorate! There are a lot of different ways of making ceramic plates, from wheel throwing to slab building.

In today’s video clip, an excerpt from Hybrid Pottery: Throwing, Altering, & Assembling, Marty Fielding demonstrates how to make a platter using a cheap and simple-to-make mold. I love this technique because it allows you to come up with just about any shape of ceramic platter you can think of. Jennifer Harnetty, editor.

fielding-finished-platterTo learn more about Marty Fielding or to see more images of his work, please visit

  • Lauren M.

    Too fast and no explanation as to how or why. Joining the corners could have been explained. As a learning tool, it fell far short.

  • Hey, y’all. You can slow it down if you want to! Just click on the settings symbol (looks like a gear), and one of the lines will say something like “speed Normal”. Click on that, and you can slow it down or speed it up. I watched it the second time at .5 and it was really great.

  • Nancy Z.

    I agree… a bit slower…I’ve made platters in Styrofoam molds for many the tip to throw the sides…Great! Always something new to learn.

  • It’s a pity it cannot be slowed down. I found the whole video stressfull. Pity as it looked like an interesting idea.

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