Laying a Foundation for Layered Surfaces with Ceramic Engobes and Etching

No more dip-and-done!

No matter how great a glaze is, the dip-and-done approach to glazing can get old. If you're bored with dipping your pots into the same old glazes, check out Colleen Riley's video Layering Techniques for Sumptuous Surfaces for some new ideas.

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Decorating Pottery with Engobes and Etched Lines

To create surfaces with depth, it can be helpful to start applying decoration in the greenware stage. Colleen Riley does this as much as possible because she likes to have a little direction when it comes to the glazing stage. And also because it makes her surfaces spectacular!

Colleen has a number of ways to apply ceramic decoration in the greenware stage, and she shares a couple in today’s video clip, an excerpt from her video Layering Techniques for Sumptuous Surfaces. In this clip, Colleen applies the first layer of decoration – a ceramic engobe and etched designs that create subtle lines when the glaze breaks over top. – Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor.

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