Pottery Decorating Video: Decorating with Slips, Sgraffito, Glaze, and Dots!

I loooooove polka dots! They are such a simple decoration, but they have such wide appeal.

Gail Kendall is also into dots, so she spends a good amount of time dotting her surfaces – she says it’s almost meditative to her. In today’s post, Gail demonstrates how she combines slip dots and glazes to enhance her beautiful sgraffito leaf motifs and achieve her signature look. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.



Okay, so this isn’t the exact plate in the video, but the only difference is the smaller dots! You get the idea, right?

This clip was excerpted from From Plate to Tureen: Slab and Coil Building, with Gail Kendall, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Daily Shop.

  • I purchased the DVD and love it; however, did not receive the glaze recipes promised to be included. I have requested copies to be mailed to me. I have some pieces constructed using your method, Gail, and they are bone dry. Now do I apply the white slip and then bisque or at what point do I apply the colored glazes?

  • Janice W.

    Hi Gail. Thanks for sharing. I am always so inspired by your work. I have been making a few pieces lately using your slab and coil technique to add a foot. I love it. I am wondering though, what you do to treat the base and foot of your pieces? Do you leave them unglazed? Use terrasig on the base and foot to prevent water penetration if they are earthenware? I would appreciate knowing. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  • Bonnie T.

    Gail –

    What cone do you bisque and glaze fire to?


  • Doris P.

    That is awesome how you get all the different patterns and textures. Thanks for this video clip! I’m inspired!

  • Marta R.

    Thankyou for this demonstration.I found useful how you explain about brushes,and why you need to wet them before dip in the glaze.Do you put the green glaze on top of white slip or was white glaze?You did sgrafitto, when?What temperature do you use?I would appreciatte please the recipe of the transparent glaze.
    The way you explain is easy to follow for non english speakers,thankyou.

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