Altering Wheel Thrown Pottery to Integrate Form with Surface Illustration

This clip was excerpted from Gestural Imagery and Form with Mel Griffin, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Daily Shop!

 Ceramic Decoration That Doesn’t Just Sit on Top of Pottery


I am always amazed that no matter how long I have been making ceramic videos for Ceramic Arts Daily, each and every one has something new to offer.  Gestural Imagery and Form with Mel Griffin, has some wonderful pottery design ideas, and in today’s clip, I am sharing one of them.

In this clip, Mel shows how she alters her plates and bowl forms when they are freshly thrown to enhance the illustrations she adds later at the bone-dry stage. Mel has found that by changing the form to work well with her drawings, her pots become more exciting and dynamic. I agree! After watching this awesome ceramic decorating technique, you probably will too! – Jennifer Harnetty, editor


griffin-pottery-decorating-plateTo learn more about Mel Griffin or to see more image of her work, please visit

**First published in February 2016

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