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Published Jan 27, 2023

Gesture Drawing for Ceramic ArtistsIt seems like about a hundred years since I took a drawing class in college and so I don’t feel especially confident in my drawing abilities. But when we filmed a video with ceramic artist Mel Griffin in Montana, I really wanted to give drawing on pots another try. Mel reminded me that it’s all about learning how to break down images into shapes, and of course: practice, practice, practice.

So in today’s post, an excerpt from Mel’s video Gestural Imagery and Form, I am sharing an excellent clip in which Mel walks through her sketching process when preparing to draw on pots. While there is no clay in this clip, it was a great little refresher course for me and I hope you enjoy it too! - Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor


This clip was excerpted from Gestural Imagery and Form, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Network Shop!

Gesture Drawing for Ceramic ArtistsTo learn more about Mel Griffin or to see more image of her work, please visit

**First published in 2016.