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Published Nov 3, 2023


If you’ve been trying to learn how to throw large pots, Martina Lantin’s altering technique in today’s video clip might make you gasp! Throwing large ceramic pottery is challenging. The last thing most people want to do after throwing a large bowl is slice into it. But that is just what Martina does and it results in a pot with dynamic lines and graceful curves! Check out this snippet from Martina’s video Extreme Alterations: Deconstructing and Decorating the Thrown Form and get ready to be wowed! – Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor

PS. If you’re wondering where Martina get the courage to cut up her pots, it’s from learning the right throwing techniques for making large pots through years as a production potter. Being able to throw confidently and strongly helps her take risks and experiment in the studio, and she shares all of her great throwing tips in her video!


This clip was excerpted from Extreme Alterations: Deconstructing and Decorating the Thrown Form, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Network Shop!

To learn more about Martina Lantin or to see more images of her work, please visit

**First published in 2017.