Pottery Video of the Week: A Potter Uses Texture and Flowing Glazes to Make Teapots with Splendid Surfaces


fongchoo_500A few months back, I attended the Potters Council Splendid Surfaces Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, and got some fabulous footage of some great artists demonstrating their techniques.

Today I am going to share one with you, faithful readers. It features potter Fong Choo sharing some of his texture and glazing techniques for his tiny teapots. Enjoy and Happy Friday! – Jennifer Harnetty, editor



How to Texture a Teapot with Wiggle Wire

by Fong Choo


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fong-choo-teapotTo learn more about Fong Choo or see images of his finished work, please visit http://www.fongchoo.com/

See another post on Fong Choo’s work in the Ceramic Arts Daily archives here.



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  • WOW! thank you thank you thank you!
    I was delighted to learn some new techniques!

  • Kathleen R.

    Beautifully done…. thanks for offering this video and sharing your expertise!

  • Evelyn D.

    Inspirational! I love seeing creative ideas for using materials that are at hand. This opens up a new dimention to my work.

  • When I lived in Indy I got to see his work at the Louisville NCECA convention. As great as the forms are, the glazing is really exceptional. Those who haven’t seen articles about his work need to see the end results of his work.

  • Thank You! Thank You! Soooo inspiring I can’t wait to get out to the studio and try out these ideas. Thank you soooo much for sharing. However….. does anyone know where you can get the wood tool with the ball on the end????? I would LOVE to find a graduated set of them!!!!

  • For those interested in finished pots, Fong has a wbesite….www.fongchoo.com. I made some of the tools I saw Fong demonstrate at a workshop and use them every time I throw.

  • I enjoyed the video (although, I had to back out and then back onto the web page to view it in its entirety). Did I miss the part where Mr. Choo added the top of the teapot, and is it attached?

  • Fong, How wonderful to see your demo AND you again, after many years ago at The Phoenix workshops at Gerry Williams’. Allie

  • Fong Choo is terriffic and inspiring. I always love to see his work and the process. Thanks for posting.

  • Francine P.

    Beautiful video, no problem with the audio. Any helpful tips on making dripless teapot?…thank you, merci.

  • Jennifer H.

    Most of the time, due to the time constraints of a weekend workshop, pieces are not finished through the glaze firing so it is difficult to include finished work. Sometimes artists just end up scrapping their demo pieces. We try to include links to artists’ websites when we can so you can go and get a feel for what glaze treatments they use. All best, Jennifer Harnetty, ed.

  • Michelle C.

    Absolutely stunning – I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you

  • Fong Choo, what FUN pieces you make! Thanks for sharing some of your inspirations in clay! Might you care to share which porcelain body you use? Written with much gratitude. 🙂

  • Fong came out and did a workshop for us also. It has ben years now and he looks exactly the same. I always thought he was in his thirties…. good genes. His glazes are the perfect compliment to his teapots… the pricing is pretty ingenius as well. Great Video…

  • Renee J. M.

    Made me want to run straight to studio and make one! Awesome!

  • Cynthia F.

    Luv’d the video. Since my cylinders all come out thick this is an excellent solution to thining them down. Luv texture anyway. Thanks

  • Sandra W.

    There was sound at this end Barry. It might be your connecetion.

  • Mr. Fong is really spectacular! I watched all his videos few years ago – chech the youtube…

  • This was a great informative video. The sound worked fine for me, but didn’t go along with his mouth, must have been over dubbed, sounded good though. Really liked the demo, also would like to see the finished pieces for a few seconds before the thing goes to the “play again” mode. All the same, it was enjoyable and informative. : )

  • Brenda M.

    Great video (no sound problem). I enjoyed Fong’s presentation…concise and easy to grasp the method. I’d like to take one of his workshops.

  • Claudio L.

    Once again, a good demo but where’s the finished product???????

    Don’t know if it’s the artists’ or your editing but on so many of your demos you never show the final piece, what a shame!!!

  • Virginia M.

    Thank you for the wonderful presentation!

  • Barbara M W.

    Fantastic delivery,so clear and succint. Love the spout making, simple but delicious.
    Inspiring stuff.
    Do you know what to add to stop hte paperclay slip getting really smelly??

  • Claudia N.

    … beautiful.
    THANKS for sharing your creativity.

  • Barry –
    I saw your comment on not getting any sound from the video – same thing happened to me. My remedy (don’t know if it will work for you)was to go back to my email page, and click on the original email again. When I got back to the post and started the video again, I had sound. John K.

  • Margaret T.

    I attended a workshop with Fong and as he is hear a generous, pleasant
    sharing potter. His teapots are like jewelry sitting on a stand. His hand made tools are treasures for your tool box. I hope Fong will make a full lenght video to spread accross potter land. With a smile Maggie

  • As a ceramic artist/electrician, I recognized that fluorescent lighting lens as soon as you zoomed in on it. A very cool demonstration. His teapots are beautiful! I am really enjoying this website too!

  • Excellent video and no sound problems here:)
    Plan to be using these ideas.

  • I am a texture junkie so I loved this. Question: what method is used to flatten the wiggly wire? Lynne

  • Lynnette L.

    that was very inspiring! (Sound and audio great for me.)

  • Great information! Thank you for sharing this! Sound and video worked fine here also.

  • I love watching Fong Choo demonstrate his techniques. He is so willing to share his ideas and tricks. He is truly a generous srtist. Thank you, Fong, and Ceramics Arts Daily for the great video clip.

  • Fong Choo was a generous demonstrator here. He was precise with his instructions, and took care to clarify small but important points. I learned something. Thank you!!

  • Shelley M.

    Great techniques. Video sound was fine for me too.

  • Richard P.

    sound and audio just fine here[latest version of the mac os]
    more squiggly wire stuff…love it!

  • Jennifer H.

    Barry – The video was tested before publishing and the sound works fine for us (and for other viewers). The problems you are having appear to be on your end. Thanks! -editors

  • Great ideas, great explanations, a pleasure to watch! no technical difficulties here…thank so much!

  • Hey! Paper clay joining slip – that’s very cool! I also like the flattening of the coil spring texturizer, and the use of the fluorescent lamp “lens” for texture. Good show all around. – JTK of JK Ceramics, Riverside, CA.

  • The video, including audio, worked great here. Thanks so much!

  • There was not any sound on this video, which made it difficult to get the whole story of how the potter performed the tasks he was doing. Before showing videos online the person should check to see that the video is properly done and working.

  • This was great! I do a lot of textured porcelain mugs like this, but have not been able to figure out a good way of getting texture on the handles. This is a brilliant idea. Thank you!

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