Peel-Away Slip Recipe for Raku

Peel-Away Slip
Glaze Material
Fireclay 60%
Kaolin 20
Silica 15
Grog (fine) 5
Mix the slip to the consistency of pudding.

This recipe is included in 10 Tried and True Raku Glaze Recipes: Recipe Cards for our Favorite Raku Pottery Ceramic Glazes, which is free to Ceramic Arts Daily subscribers.

  • Nancy W.

    I have a raku question….2 actually can I do a 1 step firing from greenware to finished….also can substances like copper- sawdust or copper filings/sandorlarge grog be embedded in wet clay and dried to the greenware stage….then fired in a one time greenware to finished processs…..I don’t mind experimenting but I need to know if this is a crazy pointless experiment

  • Laguna makes a good raku casting body.

  • I want to make bisque for Raku with molds. I have low fire earthenware slip. What and how much additive do I add. 10%, or 20% to obtain good bisque that I can use for Raku firing. Where can I find this proper additive? Do you sell it. Thank you. Jocelyne Woodley

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