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Published Jan 14, 2022

cup handle

Cup handles are an extremely important part of a cup. They need to be comfy to hold, but also nice to look at. It takes some practice to be able to attach a handle to a pot that is just the right size with just the right curve. Pulling cup handles right off the pot is a great way to make handles that look graceful, but this can be a difficult skill to master.

In today's post, an excerpt from Fluid Forms: Creating Movement and Expression on the Wheel, Josh DeWeese not only gives some great advice for pulling cup handles off the pot, but also shows how to add a little "whoopty do" in the handle design. Have a look! - Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor


This clip was excerpted from Fluid Forms: Creating Movement and Expression on the Wheel with Josh DeWeese and is available in the Ceramic Arts Network Shop.

Cup Handles and More

If you have really been struggling with cup handles or handles in general, check out this post from Vince Pitelka for five helpful tips on making ceramic handles that function well. These five invaluable tips apply mainly to side pitcher, teapot, and cup handles, but include concerns for the function and aesthetics of handles in general.

If you are just looking for some creative handle ideas, check out this video clip from Julia Galloway. In this video, Julia demonstrates three creative ways to make beautiful handles that really add to the impact of a form.

And there are way more ways to make handles for pots than pulling. If pulling handles is not your thing, check out this post from Sandi Pierantozzi,  in which she shares some ways to make handles from slabs.

With all of these great resources in the Ceramic Arts Network archives, your cup handles, and all of your handles, are sure to improve.

**First published in 2020.