When throwing numerous open forms off the hump, the possibility of deformation is greatest at the moment of cutting the piece off the wheel and transferring it to a ware board to dry. To minimize this risk, it’s best to have enough excess clay on the base to comfortably lift and handle the piece without affecting the form. One more precaution you can take is to stabilize the rim with a simple piece of newspaper.

1 A bowl ready to be cut off the hump.2 Place a piece of newsprint cut to 1 inch wider than the bowl rim’s diameter. Cutting the newsprint close to the diameter of each rim allows the pieces to fit together efficiently while drying.

Cut squares of newspaper 1 inch (3 cm) wider than the rim of the thrown piece and clip off the corners for a more rounded shape. Cut one for each piece. As soon as you finish throwing, place a piece of the cut newsprint over the rim. The paper will stick to the freshly thrown clay. It keeps the rim stable and in shape, but does not impede air from circulating in the interior, thus allowing the clay to dry evenly. The newspaper will naturally detach when the piece is dry enough to begin trimming the base and foot ring.

3 The moisture of the piece adheres the paper to the rim. If the studio is hot and dry, you can lightly dampen the paper with a spray bottle before placing it on the piece.