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Welcome to the very first issue of Studio Talk! This brand-new compendium filled with articles by ceramic makers to watch and discover is brought to you by the staff ofCeramics Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated. The following pages feature 10 artists who open up to readers about their inspiration, thoughts on ceramic trends, and their role in the current field. Several of these innovative thinkers also take us step by step through the techniques they use and the tools that help them realize their ideas. Others share a sneak peek into their studios and talk about their day-to-day practices. We hope you enjoy this deep dive into the creative minds and lives of fellow ceramic artists. The articles shared here provide a sampling of some of the great content in each issue.
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You’ll also find a wealth of information on the magazines’ websites: www.ceramicsmonthly.org and www.potterymaking.org. Guests can access their choice of articles for free on a limited monthly basis. For more tips and techniques, check out hundreds of free posts and scores of how-to videos on the Ceramic Arts Network (/). —Jessica Knapp, Editor, Ceramics Monthly, and Holly Goring, Editor, Pottery Making Illustrated.

On the cover (from left to right, top row to bottom row): Lotte Westphael, Kimberly LaVonne Luther, Amy Song, Tony Young, Guy Van Leemput, Douglas McDowell, Casey Whittier, Joanne Quiñones, Jared Peterson, and Hayun Surl.

Mathematical Patterns in Clay by Guy Van Leemput
A Studio in Two Locations by Amy Song
A Studio Practice Focused on Beauty by Lotte Westphael
Expanding Materiality and Utility by Hayun Surl
A Multimedia Home Studio by Joann Quiñones
An Engineered Approach by Douglas McDowell
Fostering Creativity Through Studio Practice by Jared Peterson
A Studio Anywhere and Everywhere by Casey Whittier
Studio Motivation: Travel, Peers, and Instagram by Tony Young
Between Sculpting and Drawing by Kimberly LaVonne Luther
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