Red-and-orange mug, 5 in. (12.7 cm) in height, white and colored slip-cast porcelain, fired to cone 10 in reduction, 2023.

My utilitarian work explores the use of porcelain, colored casting slip, and molds. I’m excited by the possibilities of the many layers and patterns that can be exposed through the casting process. The texture and feel of cone-10 porcelain is something I value. I approach this work as a designer, considering the profile and curvature of a form, and contrasting this with rigid geometry and patterns. The patterns within the forms are broken or overlapping working in combination with the parting lines of the mold. I try to balance both hiding and highlighting process within these pieces. Ultimately, I’m interested in functionality, feel, and design. 

1 Coat the mold in white casting slip. Use a soft rubber rib to press a vinyl template into the surface, transferring the pattern. 2 Once the vinyl is removed, a detail tool is used to pick out the pattern exposing the plaster face of the mold.

3 Carefully inlay colored casting slip into the incised lines of the pattern using a soft brush. 4 Once all the parts are slipped, clean up the mold seams, and then assemble the mold into one piece.

5 Pour casting slip into the mold and let the walls thicken, then dump the slip and leave the cast walls to stiffen in the mold. 6 Take the mold apart and remove the positive. Cut off the excess plug, then the mug is ready for a handle.