Teapot, 7 in. (18 cm) in height, red stoneware, underglaze, porcelain slip, sculpted leaf-shaped knob, fired to cone 6 in oxidation, 2023.

My work constructs an experience within small Midwestern Rust Belt towns. By using slip transfers, decals, and raw clay, I am able to pay homage to the landscapes that surround me. Between the forms influenced by the structures found in rural towns, and the surfaces inspired by crumbling infrastructure, they layer the complexities of landscapes into a collage of entropy. 

1 Outline your images on newsprint paper, then paint them with a heavy layer of underglaze to create the motifs. 2 After the underglaze dries, brush a thick layer of colored slip over the images. Allow the slip to dry to leather hard.

3 Once the slip and the piece are at a similar dryness, apply the transfer and rub it into the piece using a rubber rib. 4 Slowly peel the newsprint paper back to reveal the hand-painted image over the thrown form.

5 Outline each motif with a dull X-Acto blade, and then add stamps and other details to give the surface depth. 6 A close up of the fired surface showing layered details. All process photos:  Morgan Hoogland.