One of the very first workshops I ever attended was given by the potter Lorna Meaden. One demonstration that inspired me was how she threw multiple pieces on the wheel and assembled them to make a functional scoop. Wanting to try these techniques on my own, I went back to my studio and perfected my type of scoop. 

1 Throw a small bowl off the hump. Refine the shape using a rib. This will be the scoop form.


2 When you’re satisfied with the size and the shape, use a needle tool to remove the bowl from the hump. 3 Make a hollow handle by throwing a tall, thin form off the hump and trapping air inside it by closing off the top.


4 After closing the form and trapping air inside, refine and shape the curves of the handle using a rounded metal rib. 5 Use an angled rib to define the area of the handle that is attached to the scoop. Cut the handle off the hump.


6 Once the bowl reaches soft leather hard, trim it to have a rounded bottom, then smooth the form. 7 Cut a right-angled dart out of the rim. Using the dart from one side as a guide, cut the same dart out of the opposite side.


8 Overlap the darted area, then slip and score the two sides. Use your fingers to compress them together. 9 Experiment with handle placement. Slip and score the handle into place. Clean up any marks and lightly sponge the seams.

From the Pottery Making Illustrated November/December 2016 issue.