I don’t receive a lot of handwritten letters, but every once in a while one arrives from a kind subscriber who took the time to write out a personal message. In a recent letter, a reader told me about her explorations in the studio while following a Pottery Making Illustrated article, and then sent a photo of the results! Nice pots, Marie! And in that moment, reading Marie’s note about how she took on a PMI project and made it her own, I was reminded of how great this job is—I spend my day reading about ceramics, writing about ceramics, and looking at ceramics. Then, with a great team, put it all together in a nice package and send it to you folks. I am very fortunate.

Our mission at PMI is to introduce readers to new concepts in forming and firing; to expose up-and-coming artists to fellow ceramic enthusiasts; and to engage makers in a more thoughtful and creative studio practice. We also want to create a magazine where each page is filled with so much inspiration that you want to bring it into the studio and try something new. This magazine is both a guide and a spark!

In this issue, we feature functional pots for the table and bakeware for the kitchen. AL Holen shows readers how to make a sophisticated double-walled bowl with a built-in chopsticks holder. Kate Fisher shares how she makes her tall buckets with chunky handles, perfect for serving and storing. Britton Thorp casts a multi-sided, many purposed vase that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. Mariana Baquero taps into her family history to create textured surfaces that highlight handwritten letters from generations past. Galen Sedberry demonstrates how to make a simple slab plate with elegant brushwork that is easily stacked, saving valuable space when firing multiples in a kiln. And Julia Claire Weber teaches beginning throwers how to add a bump in a tall noodle bowl rim for a bit of flair.

Finally, we give a nod to longtime Pottery Making Illustrated author Sumi von Dassow. Sumi has shared many projects over the years with readers, and in this final issue of our 25th year, we highlight three of her innovative bakeware forms for the oven including ceramic tagines, custom muffin pans, and a bundt pan. 

There are a lot of creative ideas from some very talented artists packed into this issue and we are so happy to share them with all of you. Cheers to the past 25 years and cheers to 25 more!

-Holly Goring, Editor
Topics: Ceramic Artists