The 2021 ICAN Wall Calendars are sold out

Thank you to everyone who participated!

We had hundreds of submissions from our talented members. This year’s entries were outstanding. With an ICAN calendar on your wall, you can be inspired by this beautiful work every day!

Here are the winners for the 2021 ICAN Wall Calendar contest:

Dynamic Surfaces:

Shailja Sharma, January
Will Talbot, February
Lora Rust, March
Bev Ellis, April
Sooyeon Kim, May
Melynn Allen, June
Emilie Bouvet-Boisclair, July + cover
Liz de Beer, August
Andrew McIntyre, September
Marcia Selsor. October
Martha L. Cofran, November
Sabina Betz, December

Color Bursts:

Dana Bilello-Barrow, January
Sabina Betz, February
Shana Salaff, March
Janet Stewart, April
Eve Behar, May + cover
Rebecca Harvey, June
Darroll Clark, July
Alan Johnson, August
Janet Burner, September
Kira Kalondy, October
Ashley Kim, November
Ragna Ingimundardóttir, December

Pots with Flowers: 

Marcy Neiditz, January
Ai Yamamoto, February
Dina S. Finzi, March
Tracy L. Burton, April
Eve Behar, May
Janet Burner, June + cover
Catherine Satterlee, July
Lauren Kearns, August
Sam Scott, September
Liz de Beer, October
Dodie Campbell, November
Michelle Herholdt, December

Vases and Vessels:

Vered Binyamini, January
Liz Mazurek, February + cover
Alexandra Nikolakopoulou, March
Jean Paull, April
Margaret Seidenberg-Ellis, May
Karen Stevens Fisher, June
Will Talbot, July
Jan Schachter, August
Brandon Lipe, September
Lee Middleman, October
Ray Bogle, November
Eliza Wang, December