The 2020 ICAN Wall Calendars are SOLD OUT!


Thank you to everyone who supported the calendar contest.

Here are the winner’s for the 2020 ICAN Wall Calendar contest:


Pat Clapsaddle, Jungle Server
Kimberly Hilligoss, Dragon Teapot
Yeonsoo Kim, Listening
Maria Kravtsova, Nude Vase with Gold
Sooyeon Kim, Be Twins & Between
Meg Beaudoin, Sake Cup
Rudy Sennett, The Geometry Within a Flower
Keok Lim, Set of Small Bowls
Eliza Wang, Longevity
Cathy Chang, Teabowl
Jan Schachter, Storage Jar
Veronique Harris, Round-and-round


Melynn Allen, Nautilus Mugs
Sam Scott, Twins Separated at Birth
Paula Diaz-Sylvester, Moroccan tiles
Melynn Allen, Fossil Mugs
Keok Lim, Corrugated box mugs
Heidi Tarver, Tower of Mugs
Marion Angelica, Espresso in the Garden
Eliza Wang, Tea Time
Janet Burner, Pile Of Mugs
Ann Ruel, Meadow Mugs
Mark Chuck, Trout Yunomi’s
Hayne Bayless, Coffee Mug Pyramid


Carol Stitzer, No Room in the Tin
Heidi McKenzie, Building Blocks
Angel Brame, Marcooni
Judy DeSimone, Mastodon
Renata Ferraz Do Amaral, Forests
Alan Johnson, Flor Fina: Pink Sea
CJ Jilek, Perspective
Kathlyn Avila, Serenity
Jan Schachter, Woven Plate
Will Van Dyke, AR Kiln Shed
Cristina Mato, Orbit
Marion Angelica, Siem Reap Village Jars

Surface Decoration:

Antonio Pasin, Lidded Vessel
Lee Middleman, Tri-Red Diamond Globe Vase
Pamela Cortright, Celebration Cupcake Stand Trio
Erika Houghton, Serenity
Asta Bubliene, Cheese Dome with Blue and Yellow Decoration
Shana Salaff, Serving Plate
Mari Emori, Triskelion
Rebecca Zweibel, Calliope
David Stevens, but would you claim it?
Kathy White, Sunburst
Ray Bogle, Naked Raku Vessels
Hayne Bayless, Tall Teapot

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