Two Fun and Simple Ways to Alter the Rims of Wheel Thrown Plates

Add some pizzazz to your plates

Altering forms is a great way to put your own personal touch on them. Jennifer Allen started her exploration of altering pots on plates and mug forms.

In today’s post, an excerpt from her video Darted and Decorated: Techniques for Enhancing Form and Surface (which is 25% off through 12/13/16), Jen shares two altering techniques for wheel-thrown plates. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.



fini_celadon-plate-300x279To learn more about Jennifer Allen or to see more images of her work, please visit

Be sure to download your free copy of Five Great Pottery Wheel Throwing Techniques: Tips on Throwing Complex Pottery Forms Using Basic Throwing Skills, which includes detailed well-illustrated, step-by-step pottery making projects by nationally known potters, teachers and workshop presenters.

 **First published in January 2015
  • Angela P.

    You can buy carpet underlayment at Home Depot and glue it onto any old bat. These trim bats work best for low objects, like plates.

  • Louise B.

    I had a more experienced potter say that to make a “foam” bat,…you get 1.5-2″ foam at a fabric/upholstery store. You’ll use an older plastic bat to glue a crude smaller circle of foam so it shouldn’t hide the bat pin holes. NOTE: it’s not necessary to be “fussy” & worry about centering as yet. Finally, after the glue is well dried, put the foam/bat onto your wheel, get it slowly spinning so you can locate the “center” & mark it with a permanent Sharpie “dot”.
    After you locate the center, stop the wheel, measure/mark inch (?) increments outward, get the wheel spinning & hold the Sharpie so when you touch your inch marks (& slowly spin the bat), you create concentric guides circles on the foam.
    I haven’t done it yet, but it sounded do-able! Hope that helps!

  • Dianne U.

    and again..I am also interested in the foam bat. Is this homemade, or is it purchased? if homemade, what kind of foam are we looking for…

  • Joan J.

    Ditto the question above. Please describe how the foam bat is made. It’s a great idea!

  • Jude L.

    Can you tell me more about the foam bat.? Did you make it and if so would you share the process? Mahalo

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