The Daily Grind: An Easy Way to Make Lids Fit Perfectly

Tom Turner is a firm believer in the phrase “no detail is too small,” which is one of the reasons his pots are so exquisite. One of the details that he prides himself on are his quiet, no-friction, perfectly fitting lids.
Tom spends time throughout the making process to make sure he is getting the tightest possible lid fit, but he also wants them to be silky smooth “like butta.” His secret comes from an auto parts store. In today’s post, an excerpt from his video Understanding Porcelain, Tom shares that secret. – Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor.




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  • Mandy Q.

    I’ve been using valve grinding compound for donkey’s years but if you don’t have any just mix some silicon carbide with some grease – same thing and plenty of potters have silicon carbide in the store cupboard.

  • Gil M.

    It is always so gratifying to watch a master at work. Tom Turner has long been someone I’ve admired, and try to emulate–at least in the criteria of detail inspection. He is dead-on correct to have the philosophy that ALL the details contribute to the whole, therefore All the details matter. And his work proves it.

    Thank you, Mr. Turner, for again inspiring me. I would not have thought of using valve grinding compound in a million years! Well done, sir.

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