Round is Overrated: How to Transform Wheel Thrown Forms into Different Shapes Using a Paddle

Whenever I have decided to throw and alter a round form into a square form, I have always done my alterations on the freshly thrown pot. Doing it this way, always leaves the mark of my finger or the tool on the inside of the pot. Sometimes I want that mark, sometimes I don’t.

Not sure why, but it never dawned on me to do this after to pot had stiffened up until I watched this video by Robin Hopper. Robin waits until the pot is just before the leatherhard state and then paddles it, creating nice straight sides with subtle rounded corners, and no marks on the inside of the pot. Plus, these straight sides make wonderful canvases for decoration. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.

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This clip was excerpted from
Advanced Throwing on the Potters Wheel
with Robin Hopper,
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  • Great demo! Very much liked the neat way of getting the thing to adhere to the wheel head for trimming!

  • Very nice demo. I did pickup some good hints!

  • Robin Hopper is such a Master, a joy to watch.

  • Robin Hopper the start of the potters! Watch his videos, always a pleasure. I learn a lot.

  • Interesting and easy way to make square things.

  • Saw pots made this way on vacation,person in shop was not the potter and could not describe how it was done.I am so glad the method is so easy and I will be able to try this very soon. Thank you!

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