How to Throw a Large Porcelain Bowl Without Collapsing it

Whether you call it a large or medium bowl, Lorna gives you the tips to make this oversized bowl!

Large Porcelain Bowl

No matter what Lorna Meaden says, I’d call the bowl she is throwing in this clip a large porcelain bowl, rather than a medium sized bowl—especially since it is porcelain. But as she points out, it took 25 years to be able to call this bowl medium sized. In today’s post, an excerpt from Lorna’s DVD, Integrating Form and Surface with Porcelain, she demonstrates how to successfully throw large porcelain bowls. It might take some practice, but with these helpful tips, it will be easier than you think! – Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor.

Five Great Pottery Wheel Throwing Techniques

Amp up your throwing skills when you download this freebieFive Great Pottery Wheel Throwing Techniques.


This clip was excerpted from Integrating Form and Surface with Porcelain, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Network Shop!

Need more tips for throwing large?

For most people who are new to throwing clay, an early goal is throwing large pots (that don’t weigh 40 pounds!). But it can be hard to figure out how to get clay from the base up into the walls, as well as how to add shape without having the whole thing collapse. If you struggle with these problems, Martina Lantin shares three useful tips on throwing large pots to help you overcome obstacles that might be holding you back!

Are you interested in creating large pots in sections? In this post, Andrew Buck explains Adrian King’s “warm throwing” process for making a large vase on the potters wheel. If you have been wanting to learn how to throw large pots, this is an excellent tutorial.

Nic Collins is known for upsizing his pots. I liked what Nic had to say because it addressed some simple, but often overlooked, things to consider before you even put your clay on the wheel. Plus, it includes some great cross-section diagrams that clearly show what should be happening both inside and outside of the pot. Follow these tips for throwing large pots and you’ll soon be in charge of the clay!

Do you have tips and tricks for throwing large pots? Tell us about them in the comments!

**First published in 2012.
  • Beverly H.

    I enjoyed this video very much, but I’ve been frustrated at not being able to see the whole picture for all of these videos. I can only see the left half of the picture. I’m watching on a Samsung phone if that makes any difference. Turning 90 degrees doesn’t help. I can’t find anything to click on to make it fill the whole screen. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • Ash N.

      Hi Beverly, have you checked that your phone isn’t locked on vertical mode? If you’re still experiencing issues watching videos on our site, please email with screenshots of your device, along with answers to the following questions: What device are you using? What browser are you using? Are you logged into the site? Thanks, CAN Staff.

  • Sharron W.

    I have never tried throwing with porcelain, this gives me hope to try. She uses quite a bit of water (more than I thought). Her techniques are all very trustworthy in throwing, compression; support; shape; trimming. Wonderful. I am going to bookmark the book on my ‘wishlist’

  • Ralph R.

    All your comments from centering to trimming were very helpful. You are great at teaching as well as throwing. THANKS

  • Alexis J.

    one of your best instructional pieces. Excellent video work and editing. And thanks for showing the finished bowl.

  • beverly g.

    Watching her demo video was so very helpful. I was actually pretending so that I could get a sense/feel of where my hands should be. Will definitely purchase this.

  • Elaine B.

    That was a great clip from the DVD, just the right amount of explanation of what she was doing and why. Based on this hint of how the info is delivered, I believe I will buy the DVD.

  • Nikki T.

    nice demo. thanks. (I may have missed) but did she say how much clay she uses? ALSO, can someone tell whose work is on the wall behind Lorna in the video?

  • Elsie S.

    What beautiful work! Thank you Lorna for your video demonstration. I have worked with porcelain but haven’t tried the size you made – will maybe try now, although I know you have been doing it for 25 years, and I also know you make it look much easier than it actually is. Still it would be good to try!

  • Reader L.

    Thanks, practical and informative. What type of porcelain is that, cone 6 or 10, and do you mix it yourself or buy a ready made from a supplier?

  • HI thank you so much for sending the demo video it was real helpful to me as i am a student studying in fine arts at diploma level going onto advanced level next year and have found you program to be very very helpful as part of my course in ceramic in Australia.

    Thank you again devoted student to your truly
    Yvette Robinson-Sarasola

  • James V.

    I like the bowl. I would be to worried about the thing collapsing while trimming the outside. Maybe in a few years. Beautiful.

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