Pottery Video of the Week: Tis the Season for Soft Slab Planters – How to Make Handmade Flower Pots

I moved late last summer and, lucky for me, the previous owner of my house did a fantastic job planting perennials in our front yard. It has been so much fun watching them all come up this spring. And because the previous homeowner did all of that landscaping, I now have time to make some home made planters to dress up the front porch. Well, not really, but I’d like to think I have the time.

But, since I was thinking about planters, I thought I would share this little video in which Dennise Buckley demonstrates a simple soft slab flower pot. I especially liked the extra touches Dennise adds with the feet, handles and rim treatment. Maybe you’ll find time to make some this summer! -Jennifer Harnetty, editor.



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  • Ann S.

    Great video! I want to try this. Thanks.

  • helen s.





  • nelly e.

    Muy practico. Gracias

  • Thank you for a wonderful vedio demo. My daughters four and six were also very impressed.

  • Diane H.

    I too am having trouble seeing the video! Any ideas?

  • Nadine M.

    Very good video, she thought of everything!

  • Bill R.

    that’s nice… thanks!

  • Mojdeh S.

    Thank you for this good video;especially that is very useful for beginners
    and students.And an especial thanks from ceramic arts daily for all good video,articles,…

  • Susan F.

    Check out the seller textileblocks on etsy. That is where I get mine and he is cheaper then the rest of them. Shipping is 1.00 for most of the stamps and they are packed very well and shipped fast. I bought from the ta ta before and she is good but a bit more money for the stamps and shipping. Jerry is very good and even sells on eBay sometimes. Good luck! Have fun with the stamps and now I can’t wait to use them on these planters. Love this site.

  • I have made several purchases of wonderful Indian wooden textile blocks from a seller on Etsy.com You should be able to find her under either: amandajames1 or her shop name “ta ta”.

    I loved this video too and can’t wait to try making my own oval planter complete with all the fun eye catching details.

  • Roy J.

    Thank you for sharing wonderful idea.

  • Kathy S.

    Great video! I could not get the sound for some reason. Any suggestions to help?

  • Sara N.

    do you put holes in the bottom?

  • Terri L.

    Super video and easy for kids I think too. Any suggestions on where to find the indonesian wood blocks, I live in Munich germany. Thanks for taking the time to make the video. Cheers. Terri

  • Georgia L.

    Great! I’am ready to get back into the studio. I really need to get back working. Hopefully this will help me to do just that! I have not been working for about three or four months. Mostly medical problems.
    Thanks for the encouragement!!!!

  • Nansi N.

    what a great video dennise…you do make it look very simple and quite lovely to watch you create and finish…thank you for sharing

  • If you can’t see the video window at all, you may be on Internet Explorer 9. Uninstall it and go back to Internet Explorer 8.

  • ALICE E.

    There is no link to the video. I’ve reinstalled and updated Adobe Flash Player, but still no link. What’s up?

  • Very nice…ideas on how to make stamps.

  • There is no link to the video. Would love to watch, but can’t get there from here.

  • Lesley A.

    I’d like to watch the video but cvan’t find anything to call it up. What,mwhere is something to click? It says ‘watch the video’ but there’s nothing (that I can find) which would enable that even to begin. The instructions ‘if there’s a problem’ assume you have begun to try to call it up. Lesley ljonesa@cox.net

  • This is a great project. I will use some of my own handmade stamps and texture rollers to complete my own.

  • Nice video, the camera work was excellent, showing great detail from the proper angle. I sometimes use thin dry cleaners plastic to cover the slab and impress the design. This gives it a smooth with a nice embossed effect.

  • Kathi H.

    Love the beauty of basic simplicity. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Beautiful! Can’t wait to make it this weekend

  • Subscriber T.

    oh God
    thanks for such a beautiful idea
    I found the blocks thank you

  • Loved the Video. I would like to know where she gets her stamped designs and texture pieces. All I have found are for stationary and of course are too close together for clay pieces. Post your answer is possible please. Thanks, Darla

  • Am G.

    whee, what fun! I am going to do this project with my summer classes. Easy for both kids and beginner adults. I tend to cut the 45-degree-angle seam when I first cut the slab, saves doing it later and having those little leftover extra pieces. I have seen those old woodblocks in antique stores, they were once used to print fabric! Nice re-purposing! Thanks, great video.

  • Judy M.

    Thank you so much. Cant wait going to try this.

  • Neal O.

    Thanks for posting a great quality video. She makes the steps look so easy.

  • Tim S.

    Any suggestions / recommendations on the best thickness for a slab project like this? I seem to slab my clay too thin (and it never holds the shape and warps) or too thick (and it cracks from uneven drying & takes forever to finish). The slab in this video looks quite thick.

  • I love the way she showed how she joins the decorate slab together using a 45 degree angle cut. I never would have thought! I was alway having issues with trimming slab joints down. Very informative and easy!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Katie M.

    Very nice. I like the Indonesian wood block.

  • Robin M.

    Wonderful video!! Dennise makes it look soooo easy! I will share this with my students… thank you!

  • Valerie M.

    Great video and wonderful instructions! Wish I had one of those Indonesian printer blocks!

  • Pam M.

    I want her studio….looks bright and cheery and very organized. Maybe Denise could do a studio video and share and inspire us to create a productive and organized studio space. Love this simple slab project, thanks for sharing!!

  • Janie V.

    I have no video. I have refreashed over and over, it will not show up. I am frustrated!

  • Ecira S.

    Good demo. When I make these, though, I position the oval (or whatever shape “cylinder” I have made) on the base where I want it, mark “draw” around it with needle tool inside and out (with “registration marks” included on inside walls and on base a couple of places on inside, for easy realignment later) then lift oval off, score and slip both, and attach oval the base first, and reinforce with coils, etc, then trim excess off base at angel, etc. It is much faster this way, easier and looks nice too.

  • Tiffany D.

    I love that this project doesn’t require extended drying time until it is basically finished. I am often frustrated by the stop and start process required to complete many hand-built projects so I love the idea of soft slab projects! I will definitely check out the bookstore!

    I would also like to know more about the stamps Dennise used. I especially like the circle one.

    Thanks this was a great project video.

  • Cindy K.

    Excellent video. Lovely Planter and great use of texture.

  • Yvonne G.

    Thank you for the video, I will try to make a planter now.

  • Peggy B.

    Great project and video. I may use this as a project for my summer class. Thanks for the great idea!

  • Carla L.

    I have enjoyed the video very much. Dennise makes building a planter so effortless. I will try some myself to showcase my hydrengea flowers.
    Thank you for sharing Dennise.

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