Pottery Video of the Week: How to Make Gestural Sculptural Pottery Using Soft Slabs – Part One

Tammy Marinuzzi is a people watcher. She observes body language and facial expressions and uses it as inspiration for her functional, yet also distinctly sculptural, pots. Sometimes cute, sometimes unsettling, these little “guys” expose and celebrate human imperfections.


I met Tammy earlier this year at the Potters Council Surface + Form workshop and had the pleasure of watching her work (and I just happened to catch it on film!). I was so impressed by her relaxed way of working and how she lets these little creatures evolve as they are being formed rather than starting out with a set plan.


There was so much good stuff in her process that I couldn’t quite condense it down to one video, so today I will show you part one. Tune in next week for part two! –  Jennifer Harnetty, editor.



 [youtube id=”u9BI-Ob7HMc?rel=0″ width=”620″ height=”360″]


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This video was filmed at the Potters Council Surface + Form workshop.
To learn about upcoming Potters Council workshops visit www.potterscouncil.org.

To learn more about Tammy Marinuzzi or see more images of her finished work, please visit http://tammymarinuzzi.com.



  • I like that she let the clay mesh with her own hands and perspective as she worked. I too could see possibilities as she went along. Fun! Going to try some of her techniques. Thanks. Looking forward to the next one.

  • This is fun to watch! Thank you and I’m looking forward to part 2.

  • I so want to go and try this. Looking forward to seeing part 2. Tammy makes this look so easy.

  • I am also going to go and try this. Looks fun and can’t wait for the second part next week.

  • Thank you and i’m
    lookung forward to seeing part 2

  • Looking forward to seeing how she decorates face and glazing stuff at part 2. It is cute project for relaxing. Thanks Tammy showing us.

  • Yup Yup F-U-N.
    This is timely for me.
    I am pushing myself to let go of traditional form in some areas of my work. This certainly fits that picture.
    Her over all demeanor confirms what good idea letting go can be!
    Thank you for posting this for us.

  • Thanks Tammy. I love your little people and look forward to part 2.

  • Thanks Tammy, Nice & simple work.

  • Thanks Tammy, Looking forward to seeing how this turns out!

  • great .my kind of work. got so much confidence knowing there are others who don’t measure and work spontaneously. will try this slab-pinching method. thank you Tammy.

  • I’m going to teach this to my kids ceramic class this morning. I needed an idea- this looks like fun!

  • Love it. It’s a licence to let our imagination loose! I thank your for the inspiration. Looking forward to part II also.

  • This will be a great project for my kid’s clay class this week (or maybe next, can’t wait to see how lids are done!) but I think I will still demo with at least a bit of water as “glue” between the slab/coils. Kids are not always as diligent with attaching things and I wouldn’t want their precious pieces to come apart. These are so sweet, thanks for sharing!

  • Like the others I too am waiting patiently for the second part. I plan to share this video with my two granddaughters, age 9 and 11, who have recently shown an interest in my pottery. They now refer to me as grand-potter which brings joy to my heart. This is the kind of project in which they can be successful.

  • unreal banana peel…always looking for ideas for kids classes and the young at heart…love the casual nature of the processes…stress free pottery for me….thanks for sharing Tammy

  • very very cool – love it!! Can’t wait for next week to see part 2

  • I am looking forward to part 2. I think this might a fun project for my students.

  • Thank you for the way to make some things i’ve been wanting to try but just couldn’t get there by the way I’ve been doing it. Going to start to work right away!! Thanks!!!!

  • Love this. Tammy’s pieces are just so much fun looking at them. I just love pots that make me smile. Thanks.

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