A Sweet Handbuilt and Wheel Thrown Dessert Bowl


In this video, Deborah Schwartzkopf, a master at designing beautiful non-round functional pottery, shows us how she makes her dessert bowls. – Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor.

This clip was excerpted from Pieces and Patterns: Complex Forms from Handbuilt and Wheel-Thrown Parts, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Network Shop!

To learn more about Deb Schwartzkopf or see more images of her work, please visit http://debspottery.com.

 **First published in 2012
  • Celia W.

    I agree with M. Pelland. The project is a sweet one, but the production detracts. The overly-large text boxes that flash on the middle of the screen obscure the project, which is really what one wants to see.

  • I enjoyed the project – the artist explains well, but I think the production missed the mark in how the piece was filmed. Much of what she did, I was unable to see because of camera angle and staging. For example, when she was drawing a line in the bowl at the beginning—no way to see the line or the movement. When she did any interior work on the bowl, her hand was in the way. I thought about buying this video, but I fear it would not be as useful as some others.

  • Video access coding contains third party website cookies that either don’t have privacy statements and/or don’t have adequate privacy statements. Google for instance. Your product delivery shouldn’t be designed to be dependent on the largest spy network in the world. Other competitive websites can and do deliver quality videos without Google and so should you.

  • Mary Jo B.

    Loved the innovative alterations. Just wonder about delicate attachments for the grandchildren stage. I used to say with my 4 kiddies, “cant i have anything nice?!” Now the grand children have muliplied the breakage. But still we keep making and hiding the goodies’. They are truly lovely and alterations are the wave of the future…since nothing else is new. MJ

  • Thanks for sharing that technique. It’s a great idea and so versatile! SEEing the end result is always a bonus.

  • Excellent description of the work. One of those you just want to run out to the studio and make. Thanks!

  • Thanks for posting this great video. I just purchased a banding wheel. It was very useful for glaze trailing pots for my most recent firing. And now this video gives me another idea of something that it will be useful for.

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