How to Make a Chalice With Inlaid Decoration Using the Broomstick Method of Handbuilding

In today's video, Mitch Lyons demonstrates how to make a chalice out of a cylinder he makes through the broomstock method.

In today’s video, Mitch Lyons demonstrates how to make a chalice out of a cylinder he makes through the broomstock method.

There are many ways to make goblets or chalices out of clay, but I especially loved the simplicity of a method that Mitch Lyons demonstrated at the recent Potters Council conference in Atlanta, Georgia. I liked it so much that I got it on film and I am going to share it with you today! Mitch also demonstrates his method of inlaying colored clay decoration in the video. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.

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  • Bonnie P.

    what about the shrinkage difference in the two clays?

  • Thanks for sharing this demo! Your inlay and goblet making techniques are inspiring!

  • Kathie F.

    I’m going to try some of these chalices. Thanks Kathie

  • Jennifer B.

    Lovely technique. I’ve always wanted to make a chalice but haven’t got the throwing skills so now I have the knowledge. Thanks for the demo.

  • It is marvelous , great technique and thank you for sharing.

  • itch, thank you for sharing, will giv it a try.

  • Nancy N.

    Thank you, Mitch, for both the 1-part chalice and the inlay tip! Will give ’em a try!

  • interesting..good job frenz..hope ceramic can begin the best in the world

  • Luciana B.

    Excellent,I will try, tanks, Luciana

  • thanx for sharing this I can’t wait to do one 🙂

  • Lydia K.

    A wonderful technique – thank you so much for sharing!

  • I thank you for seeing this video. Again I learned someting!!!! Hennie

  • Dorothy C.

    Thanks for sharing. I will have to get your video.

  • Susan W.

    What a simple and yet elegant idea! I can hardly wait to try it with my students..Thank you for sharing this video with those of us who couldn’t attend the conference.

  • Scarlett S.

    Great technique. I will definitely introduce this to my younger students who will love this. This will be something totally new for them!

  • Janet .

    I like it. It will be a good demo for my students. Thanks!

  • Bobbi W.

    That was great! A nice easy way to make a goblet. I love the inlay and I love how you closed the bottom! Thank you for sharing that demo!

  • Fujie R.

    Mitch did it again. Another great technique. I play the Handbuilding DVD over and over and each time I play it I catch something new. Seems like just viewing these techniques once does not capture all the small details. Hopefully I can save this video to play back again. Thanks Mitch for sharing your creative ideas.

  • Gisele G.

    merci beaucoup pour cette video bien sur je ne peut que decouvrir les image puisse que je ne comprends pas votre langue

    cette methode est tres bien je vais essayer merci

  • Margaret S.

    Mitch Lyons for King!!
    A great and simple technique.

  • Ingenious way to make a goblet. I have always made them in two parts (cup and stem/foot) with varying degrees of success. I’m going to try it this way today, and make it a project with my classes. Nice way to do inlay too, simple and quick. Nice work, wish you had shown it finished from the kiln too. Thank you!

  • Susan F.

    Very nice, and I think my students would really get a kick out of this method: adults and kids. Thanks for the demo!

  • What are the requirements in terms of the clay that can be inlaid into a different type?

  • Melinda C.

    I have his video…..this is a nice addition…..simple & straightforward…good work…

  • Alix H.

    Nice demo, thank you. I like the idea of a cylinder with no side seam and rolling over the pattern to pick it up.

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