Creating Lively Surfaces with Wax Resist Brush Decoration

joerlingglazing_620When you make animated pots, you have to be sure the glazing and decorating complement the movement in the form. Nick Joerling does this beautifully on his pots by creating simple wax resist brush decoration to contrast with different glaze layers. In today’s video, Nick demonstrates this technique, plus he explains how he can approximate a salt-fired surface but using gravity to vary the glaze thickness. Awesome! – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.


This clip was excerpted from Gesture and Form: Wheel Throwing and Handbuilding, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Daily Shop!

joerlingglazefiniTo learn more about Nick Joerling or to see more images of his work, please visit


  • beverly g.

    Will definitely purchase the video. Most of us learned slip on greenware, so I’ll try to google Cynthia Bringle’s slip recipe and experiment just to see what happens. Nick’s explanations/directions are clear and very helpful. The plate is beautiful. Also loved the pooch in the background!

  • Michael G.

    Judy & Anna, slips can vary from recipe to recipe. Although most slips work better when applied to unfired clay (wet, leather hard or greenware), some can work very well on bisque. It depends on the makeup of the slip. I have not tried the Cynthia Bringle slip, but if Cynthia says it works on bisque, I’d take her word for it. She knows what she’s talking about. Nick does say the recipe is available on the dvd. But you might just google it and find the recipe. Then try it on your pot in all states (wet, leather hard, greenware and bisque) and see how each works for you. Experiment! Make good notes! Have fun!

  • Anna B.

    I´m a beginner too and like Judy I´ve learned: “Slip only on greenware”. Is it a special slip?
    Thank you Nick for sharing your technique, gave me an explosion of ideas in my head what you can do with this wax resist brush technique. And I love the hint with the tongs mark! This will make my glazing life much easier 🙂

  • Katherine M.

    Beautiful and inspiring video thank you – I am intrigued by the Cynthia Bringle Slip – can anyone tell me more about it or has the recipe please?

  • Judy E.

    Loved this video. I am a beginner and I am confused about applying slip on a bisqued piece. I thought slip could only be applied to greenware. I love your final plate and would like to try applying slip to bisque.

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