Inlaying Colored Clay Decoration into Handbuilt Vessels


Wheel throwing isn’t the only way to make seamless cylindrical forms on the wheel. Mitch Lyons uses a technique he calls the broomstick method. What’s great about this method is that you can roll your cylinders over pieces of colored clay to inlay various designs.

In today’s video clip, Lyons demonstrates how he makes colored clays and inlays figurative colored clay motifs into his broomstick vases. Happy Friday! – Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor.

To learn more about Mitch Lyons, visit

  • I live in the UK and the term “newsprint” to me would mean newspaper am i correct or is there some other meaning ?

  • Mitch, I always get jazzed up about making pots when I view your short videos. I even go back to the first series of DVDs I got some years ago and get more ideas each time I view them. You seem to have a knack for making pots simple and beautiful. I technique is so straight forward and simple. I especially love your tool belt that holds your roller, I will get one soon. Another simple idea that makes pot making fun and quick.

  • Sandra O.

    Very good!! But I want new things! It was already posted!

  • Sandra O.

    Very good!! But I want new things! It was already potted!

  • Very nicely done. Interesting with the texture – I’ve got to try it. Thanks.

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