Video: Make Surfaces that Pop!

Screen printing on clay is one of my favorite ceramic decorating techniques. And using paper stencils and underglaze is right up there with it. Both are fantastic ways to transfer imagery to a pot (especially if you are “drawing compromised”). One of the best practitioners of these techniques is Kansas City-based artist Meredith Host.

In this video clip, a quick excerpt from Meredith’s video Form, Pattern, and Underglaze, she gives an overview of her screen-printing and stenciling process. – Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor.

How to Screen Print and Stencil Layers of Underglazes

 To learn more about Meredith Host or to see more images of her work, please visit

**First published in 2014

  • Hilli J.

    May you make another videos how to make the screen with the design?? Very beautifull and love to see it. Will soon try on it. Thanks a lot

  • Jennifer H.

    Meredith uses underglazes that she allows to stiffen up to a paste-like consistency.

  • Jennifer H.

    There are many different ways to make screens for screen printing on ceramics. Meredith explains the thermofax process on her video, and she also demonstrates making a screen with EZScreens, which come with a photosensitive emulsion and you use sunlight to burn the screen. You can also send away to have screens made for you (Forrest Middelton explains this in his DVD), or make them yourself (covered on Paul Wandless and Jason Bige Burnett’s videos). There are also ceramic suppliers who sell premade screens (Mayco is one). Hope that helps!

  • Ash N.

    Meredith makes these screens using a thermofax machine. First you create a high-contrast image (black and white), copy it using a toner printer, and then finally burn it onto a special thermofax screen with the thermofax machine. Once her screen is made, she uses thickened underglaze to apply color to her pottery.

  • Audrey W.

    The first design depicted that she rubbed over to create the rubbed on design and then lifted the screen. Seemed like a paste rubbed on? Is this true?

  • Audrey W.

    What the first design cut into the screen, then laid flat and rub underglaze over?

  • Subscriber H.

    I love the screen technique – is that something you made or bought? If it is commercially available could you share a link? Beautiful work! Thanks

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