Lisa Orr Shares a Really Creative Way to Use Trailing Slip

Lisa Orr trails slip in a nontraditional way!

Trailing Slip

Slip trailing is a fabulous technique for creating both visual and tactile decoration on pottery and ceramic sculpture. Most of the time, this technique involves trailing a design in slip onto a pot. In addition to slip trailing in the traditional way, Lisa Orr makes sweet little swirly patterns on cloth, lets them stiffen up, and then uses them to make fancy handles for the teeny tiny salt scoopers on her salt centerpieces.

In this excerpt from her video, Lisa shares this slip trailing process. I love everything about this technique, including the very idea of having a salt centerpiece as opposed to a salt shaker.- Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor.

 This clip was excerpted from Making and Decorating for Surface Depth, with Lisa Orr, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Network Shop! 

Trailing SlipTo learn more about Lisa Orr or to see more images of her work, please visit

**First published in 2014.
  • Thanks for the brief video, enough to make me wonder about many things.
    Guess that’s the idea. Ha!
    Thanks for sharing briefly. Love your ideas!

  • H.

    HI all! in response to the questions about the wire, Lisa uses nichrome wire, and yes, she does fire the piece with the wire in place.

  • So does anyone know – is she firing the wire in the piece or inserting it/attaching it post firing? In the pic the wire looked oxidized, so am I thinking right that it did go through the firing?

  • what kind of wire did you use for the hook and eye? Would have loved to see even for a second! you actually attaching the slip tailed pieces. I guess that’s the down side of a free snippet of video!

  • Virginia S.

    Been doing clay for many years. I like the slip trailed look. Thanks.

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