Gesture Drawing for Ceramic Artists


It seems like about a hundred years since I took a drawing class in college and so I don’t feel especially confident in my drawing abilities. But when we filmed a video with ceramic artist Mel Griffin in Montana last summer, I really wanted to give drawing on pots another try. Mel reminded me that it’s all about learning how to break down images into shapes, and of course: practice, practice, practice.

So in today’s post, an excerpt from Mel’s video Gestural Imagery and Form, I am sharing an excellent clip in which Mel walks through her sketching process when preparing to draw on pots. While there is no clay in this clip, it was a great little refresher course for me and I hope you enjoy it too! – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.



A Primer for Preparing to Draw Gestural Images on Clay


This clip was excerpted from Gestural Imagery and Form, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Daily Shop!

gesture-drawing-plateTo learn more about Mel Griffin or to see more image of her work, please visit


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