Ceramics Decorating Video: Bisque Stamp Alterations

Potter Lisa Bare Culp demonstrates another method of altering soft thrown pots with bisque stamps.

Potter Lisa Bare Culp demonstrates another method of altering soft thrown pots with bisque stamps.

Today’s Video Tip of the Week is a good follow up to Mark Peters video from last week. Lisa Bare Culp demonstrates a similar technique to Mark’s stamped rim technique, but on a simple vase form. I think it can valuable to see similar techniques on different forms because each shape has its own challenges. Also, every artist does things a little differently and you can always learn from getting multiple perspectives. I hope this will get you thinking about other forms to tackle with bisque stamps. -Jennifer Harnetty, editor.
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The jar and pitcher shown were made using this stamping process. Lisa chose glazing and firing treatments that would enhance the stamped textures on the pots and the looseness of the forms. When trying this process, be sure to consider your glazing and firing techniques with these things in mind. If you test this or Mark Peters’ stamped rim platter technique (or any other method you learned from a Ceramic Arts Daily feature), snap a photo of your finished and fired piece, and email it to the editor. It may be used in a future follow-up feature! About the star of this video: Lisa Bare Culp is an Ohio native and holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts/Ceramics from the Columbus College of Art and Design. She has been teaching ceramics for more than ten years, most of which have been in her home studio, Bareclay. Bareclay Studio specializes in Lisa’s artwork, ceramic education and ceramic restoration/repair. Visit www.bareclay.com for more information and images.

  • Could not view the second half of video and see thr stamped pot.

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