Bonus Video: Tips and Techniques for Making your Own Colored Clay

This clip was excerpted from Curt Benzle’s Expanding Your Creative Palette with Colored Clay, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Daily Shop.


In this clip, an excerpt from his DVD Expanding your Creative Palette with Colored Clay, Curt Benzle gives tips on making colored clays from scratch. Glaze isn’t the only tool for adding color to your ceramic work. Mixing the color right into the clay is a really cool alternative. I have to admit, I haven’t dabbled much in this technique because it seemed like an such an effort to make the colored clay. But, as Curt explains, it is really not that bad, especially if you set yourself up with a segmented plaster drying bat. Easy Peasy! – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.



To learn more about Curt Benzle or see more images of his work, please visit

  • For me it was a very usefull video – btw I bought 25 kilos Standard Porcelain as powder, ad stain/oxide and water, pour it on a plasterslab (easily made). For chunks of dry clay, just do as explained in the video: pulverize it!

  • noreen d.

    Started off very interesting, but its only an easy process if you buy the the expensive ready-made ground clay & then make the plaster slabs!
    Why show the bowl of the blocks of clay & then not elaborate on what to do if you want to use these.
    Very misleading video

  • Thanks for this video. I checked your work on the internet your vessel are really stunning

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